让你的声音在我们的会议和其他地方被听到. 如果你有一个成功的故事, 警示, 创新或POV共享, 申请在一个或多个ISACA全球会议上发表演讲.




现在没有电话, please check back soon for information on 2024 events as it becomes available! 电子邮件 speakers@americfanexpress.com 有问题吗?.


引导演讲者站在讲台上的点- ISACA邀请演讲者过程

(Please note: the following information is specific to education events ISACA produces at the ISACA Global level. 本地ISACA分会活动不受此程序约束. Please contact your local ISACA chapter for additional information regarding local education events.)

ISACA issues a specific 邀请演讲者 for each educational event it produces at the ISACA Global level, 以及与特定事件无关的一般呼叫. 演讲者每次会议最多可提交三(3)份摘要.


  • 目标受众
  • 学习目标
  • 教育交付方式
  • 事件结构
  • 可能的主题

ISACA’s subject matter experts identify elements within the 邀请演讲者 (listed above), 然后审查提案, 检查演讲者, 最后选择主题和演讲者. Our conference team along with the subject matter experts work with the selected speaker throughout the session development process to ensure compliance with the stated objectives and to avoid overt commercialism.

演讲者礼宾   演讲者常见问题



Continuing professional education is best accomplished in a setting that encourages dialogue, 讨论与辩论, 包括正式的会议和非正式的会议.

ISACA seeks innovated session proposals that not only speak to the technical issues, 还要提供背景. 演讲者应该提供真实的例子, “战争故事”, 案例研究, 成功与失败, examples of actual 工具 and working papers used (including mapping to ISACA frameworks where appropriate), 以及对新兴问题的见解. Sessions should be designed to encourage interactive audience participation by including small group discussions, 练习和其他活动,以插入能量和促进对话. ISACA is not looking for lectures, but rather innovative and exciting sessions. ISACA expects learning objectives for proposed sessions to reflect actions and abilities the attendees can employ from participating in the session. 学习目标必须清晰且可衡量. 学习目标 need to complete the following sentence: “After completing this session, 参与者将能够……”.

演讲者必须提供额外的资源,如参考书目, 白皮书, 相关的文章, 工具, 指南, sample programs and other information that extends the learning beyond the session and adds value to the event. Presentation material including additional resources is subject to quality review by the subject matter experts and must be ready in its final form approximately 10 weeks prior to the event. 请慎重考虑, 如果被选为演讲者, 你是否能在最后期限前完成.

欢迎针对行业的会议提供更具体的指导. Proposals from a team or a panel are also encouraged in order to share multiple perspectives on a topic. 演讲者应该已经阅读并熟悉COBIT 5的部分内容, 网络安全Nexus (CSX), 以及其他与他们的演讲相关的ISACA思想领袖. 演讲者应该考虑演讲内容如何支持CISA, CISM, CGEIT和CRISC知识目标.




提案由ISACA的主题专家进行审查. During the process, we vet the potential speaker, not the speaker’s company or organization. ISACA expects the speaker to honor his or her commitment to present the proposed session at the subject event.


  • Subject matter is cutting-edge or presents new ideas, presented in a creative and engaging way
  • 这个话题对于今天的行业来说是及时的,并且会吸引与会者
  • 会议摘要和标题简明扼要地说明了会议的意图
  • 学习目标 and learning level are well-defined and support each other
  • Attendees will able to relate to the content and apply what they’ve learned in their roles
  • 技术的准确性
  • Context of the issues including real-world 案例研究, examples, and stories
  • 观众互动参与的潜力
  • 演讲者的演讲技巧和经验
  • 演讲者对所提交的主题知识渊博,富有吸引力和经验
  • 音箱行业领导地位
  • 教育重心没有明里暗里的商业主义
  • 书面提案的整体质量
  • The content provides a thought-leadership perspective for the conference attendees



一个拥有159余名澳门赌场官方软件的国际性专业组织,在超过180个国家拥有超过5000名选民, ISACA是领先的知识提供者, 认证, 澳门赌场官方下载, 宣传和教育信息系统的保障和安全, IT澳门赌场官方下载治理, 以及与it相关的风险和合规. ISACA教育在整个行业得到认可. Speakers associated with ISACA education events are similarly recognized as industry leaders and subject matter experts.

  • All selected speakers receive a complimentary registration to the event (not including optional workshops).
  • Speakers gain increased visibility throughout the ISACA international 澳门赌场官方下载.
  • Speakers and their companies and organizations are included in promotional information sent to regional and international constituents via hard copy brochures and other marketing material, ISACA网站, 新闻稿和其他宣传渠道.
  • Speakers have the opportunity to network with peers and other professionals at specifically designed points throughout the event.
  • 演讲者可以证明自己的价值, 专业知识, knowledge and acumen by presenting relevant and timely subjects in an effective manner, 通常会导致业务发展.



The top five (5) rated speakers per conference, receiving an average score of 4.75或以上, will receive special formal recognition of their accomplishment from ISACA and will be named 最受欢迎的演讲者 在会议结束时的会议网页上. This score will be calculated from the average score of the questions on the mobile app session survey that are specifically related to the speaker and the presentation. At least twenty percent (20%) of attendees must respond to the session’s survey in order to qualify. 进一步, the 最受欢迎的演讲者 of the Conference may be invited back to present again at future ISACA Conferences.



ISACA是一个服务于IT保障的非营利组织, 信息安全管理和IT治理澳门赌场官方下载. Most speakers and their companies recognize the importance of being part of ISACA’s educational events and embrace a philanthropic spirit by funding travel and lodgings. ISACA education events provide speakers the opportunity to demonstrate their 专业知识, 知识与经验, 以及为业务发展目的与选民建立网络. 感谢所有的辛勤工作和努力, ISACA offers speakers one (1) complimentary registration for the conference per session. Complimentary registration is not transferable or able to be used as a credit. (研讨会前后的注册不包括在内)如果有多个演讲者发言, ISACA offers one (1) additional complimentary conference registration if presentation materials are submitted by deadlines outlined in the speaker agreement. 除了, ISACA recognizes speakers and their companies as “conference supporters” in conference literature distributed to delegates.